Seller FAQ's

Anyone who have at least one genuine product to sale is welcome. You need to have the following for making your profile with us.

  1. GSTIN
  2. PAN Card
  3. Bank account
  4. Address proof 

To sale product with us the following steps are need to follow:

  1. Register yourself “Register
  2. Complete your profile
  3. List your product in available categories
  4. Receive order and ship product using given tools
  5. Order delivered successfully to client and we settle your payment in 7-15 days 

No currently we just offer to list your physical products 

We work to deal with shipping of your products. Thus you just pack your product for pickup only. Our logistic partners collect the product from your doorsteps and deliver to client.

You need to have the following documents:

  1. GSTIN
  2. PAN CARD (personal or business named)
  3. BANK Account
  4. Address proof

 Your are seller and you are decide the price of your product 

No list of product is free. When you sell then you will pay.

Our logistic partners will pickup and deliver your product to final client. You just need to pack your product and make it ready to dispatch.

After completing your profile we verify the documents and GSTIN. After successful verification we approve your account to start selling.

At least one product you have which is genuine and you can start selling.

The fee is composed of the following components 

  1. A commission based on product category and sub-category
  2. Shipping charge
  3. Payment processing charge
  4. GST for all components 

We offer you step by step process to follow for listing the products to wanakart. You can also select the product available in list during the listing of products.